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The Mighty Möller Needs Your Help

The historic Moller organ pipes at Cappella Performing Arts Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Making Beautiful Music Since 1966

Maintaining A Masterpiece

Our 1966 Möller organ works beautifully well and is custom catered to the church space, however, the instrument is at the age where it needs a large-scale refurbishment. This will ensure that the organ thrives and continues to make beautiful music for another 60 years.

How The Organ Will Be Used

We plan on an annual Silent Films series, and we want organ recitals to be performed in the future. We are also working with the local American Guild of Organists to make the organ available at all hours for organ students to practice.

The Mighty Möller Will be Used With Silent Films, Recitals, & More

Image of organ player with chamber orchestra and conductor in the background at Cappella Performing Arts Center during a rehearsal.

How You Can Help

Cappella Performing Arts Center relies on your generous support to help fund our conservation and restoration work. If you would like to support the project please consider donating today.